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Buying property should be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. We’ll keep it that way by securing you the financing you need for all your property needs. From new homes and recreational properties to investment properties and commercial spaces – we’ve got the expertise to help you.

Proudly licensed with Axiom Mortgage Solutions, the Higgelke Mortgage Group is backed by one of the strongest networks in the business. We’re also active members of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals. The AMP sets a single national proficiency standard for mortgage professionals and is the only national designation for Canada’s mortgage industry.

Beyond our stringent ethics and professional code of conduct we also practice what we call our “get from giving” approach. We believe that by providing you the right information and advice when you need it most, we will earn your trust and therefore your business.

In today’s competitive market there are many benefits to working with a mortgage professional. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the role of a mortgage professional and they are unaware of the potential benefits, and savings, of working with one. To learn more about the Mortgage Broker profession in general, visit our Mortgage Education Centre. Our list below showcases how we stand out amongst today’s top Mortgage Brokers.

How we stand out amongst today's top
Mortgage Brokers.

We strive to build strong relationships with each and every client. We will keep you up to date and informed throughout the entire life of your mortgage. You’ll never have to wonder where we’re at in the process of getting your mortgage or when it comes time to renew.

We represent YOU! Unlike the banks we don't have shareholders to answer to, we work on your behalf to secure you the best mortgage possible. When it comes to available options, we’ll make sure you completely understand the differences between the variable rates, fixed rates, penalties and payout options before you sign the final paperwork. For most people, this is one of the biggest purchases they’ll make in their lifetime so we take every step seriously to ensure our clients are setup in the best position possible.

We shop over 40 different lenders on your behalf. This is extremely beneficial as different lenders have different rates and products so we can ensure your mortgage is best tailored to YOUR needs. Being a part of Axiom Mortgage Solutions provides us with, the benefit of our buying power is also passed along to you.

Our fees are paid by the lenders, not by you. There are standard commission rates (similar to a Realtor) that are paid when the mortgage closes. You might think it’s in our best interest to find a high interest mortgage as our commission would be higher – but we believe by finding you the best mortgage and interest rate available, we’ll earn your current business, your future business and your referral business. A mortgage broker is only as good as the situation they can place you into and our motto is that 9 times out of 10, we’ll beat the bank. We strive to live that motto.

We maintain strong lines of communication throughout the entire process of your deal. From the initial application to signing the final paperwork, we’re here to answer your questions and provide sound advice to make sure you feel fully comfortable with the mortgage you’re getting. Buying a home is both exciting and nerve wrecking – we get that. We take the scary out of the financing so you can enjoy the home buying process to its full potential.

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