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CRA Debt Repayment

CRA Debt Relief for Business Owners

In their first few years of operation, many small business owners find themselves owing taxes without the available cash to pay. For many new business owners, their visibility on taxes goes to the wayside as they focus on building their business to earn a fair income. When tax time comes, they are left with sizable tax bills that limit their financial options- especially when applying for a mortgage.

As business owners, we understand how difficult it can be to prevent this from happening.

We can help. If you own a home and have at least 25% equity in it (most people that have owned their homes for at least 5 years will have around 25% equity), we can provide a solution that will address your CRA tax debt and qualify you for a mortgage.

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Higgelke Mortgage Group Has Helped Many Small Business Owners Pay Off Their CRA Debt

It Starts With a Consultation With a Mortgage Professional

Our small business mortgage specialists will work with you to gain an understanding of your business and personal financials. Specifically, we look at your CRA debt and personal assets, as outstanding tax obligations prevent you from qualifying for a mortgage.

We Address the CRA Debt

We look at a variety of solutions to tackle your taxation debt. The specific solution depends on a multitude of factors and the amount owed. Our solution will ensure your CRA tax obligation is addressed and allow for your mortgage to be approved.

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Why Work With Higgelke Mortgage Group?

  • We’re Business Owners – We understand some of the challenges that business owners face because we’re business owners ourselves! This gives us an informed perspective that empowers the services we offer our small business clients.
  • Small Business Specialists – Several of our mortgage professionals have in-depth experience working with small business owners. We have great relationships with many lenders and have helped dozens of business owners get approved for mortgages. In addition, we regularly work with excellent accountants, lawyers, and other professionals to assist our clients when needed.
  • Market-Competitive Interest Rates – Don’t get stuck with a higher rate just because you own a business! We work with lenders that offer business owners competitive rates.
  • Available on Your Schedule – The demands of business don’t always stop at 5 o’clock, and we get that. We will work with your schedule to make sure that the process is convenient for you.

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