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Dream Home Buyers

Mortgage Solutions for Your Next Move Up: For Your Next Home, or Your Dream Home

Our mortgage professionals will help you find a mortgage perfect for your next move.

Years of diligently making payments and saving your money have finally put you in a position where you can move into your next home. Perhaps you began your journey into home ownership with a townhouse in McKenzie Lake and are looking to move up, or perhaps you’re ready to downsize from your urban estate and are ready to move into a downtown condo.

Before you talk to your bank or current lender, connect with us. At Higgelke Mortgage Group, we help Calgarians looking to start their next chapter of ownership by pairing their unique needs with the mortgage product that’s the perfect match.

Are you ready to move into your next home? We’d love to help.

What Kind Of Mortgage Options Are Available to You?

For the move-up buyer, mortgage options are plentiful and can involve a traditional mortgage, a home equity line of credit (HELOC), or a combination of both.

Finding a Mortgage That Makes Sense… and Saves Cents

Compared to first time buyers, mortgage options for move-up buyers are plentiful (especially when entering the next mortgage with considerable equity). Depending on your financial and life goals, we can pair you with a mortgage that will empower you as you enter the next stages of your life.

Buy Your Second (or Third) Home With as Little as 5% Down

If you’d like to keep your current residence as a rental, or if you’d prefer to hold your property for a few years as before you sell, you have the option of entering into a new mortgage with as little as 5% down.

Access Your Equity With a Line of Credit

If you are entering into your next property with a down payment of 20% or greater, we can pair your mortgage with a line of credit that gives you access to your equity. As your equity grows, so will your access to it via your line of credit.

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