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Renewing Your Mortgage

When It Comes Time for Your Mortgage Renewal, Talk to Us Before Talking to Your Existing Lender

We can save you thousands on your mortgage renewal.

Your current lender will reach out to you a few months before it’s time to renew your mortgage. Often, they send you a letter with their posted rate and a document for you to sign. Millions of Canadians sign the document and send it back to their lender confident that they’ve taken care of their mortgage.

Unfortunately, when this happens, you often unknowingly pay more in interest than you should have: lenders rarely send their most competitive rates to current clients because they know that over 80% of Canadians will simply renew.

When it comes time to renew, come pay us a visit: we’ll walk you through your options so that you can make an informed decision. This is an excellent opportunity to look at all your options, including restructuring/refinancing your mortgage.

A lower interest rate is just one of the ways our mortgage professionals will save you money.

Why Choose Higgelke Mortgage Group For Your Mortgage Renewal?

  • We’ve worked with thousands of Calgarians and Albertans from other areas for their mortgage renewals – In an industry where experience counts, we’ve got it in spades! Every year we help more and more Albertans find the right choice for their renewal. Sometimes that means choosing a new lender that offers a more competitive rate, and other times we confirm that renewing with the current lender is the best course of action. In either case, we’re ready to provide the expert guidance that Calgarians have come to expect from us!
  • We save you money – If you are renewing your mortgage with 20 years remaining, shaving a few percentage points off the interest rate can save thousands. A $250,000 mortgage at 2.99% is $1,385/mo. That same mortgage at 2.69% is $1,348/mo, a savings of over $2,220 in interest over the course of five years!
  • We’re only focused on you – As our client, we work solely to protect your interests and ensure your needs are met. We provide honest, unbiased advice that you can depend on.
  • We aren’t just mortgage brokers, we’re mortgage professionals – While getting you the best mortgage possible is our objective, we choose to do so in a way that displays the utmost in professionalism and courtesy. We know you have options when choosing a broker, and we work hard to ensure that working with us is the best one.

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